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who am i

I am a project manager by day and designer by night and sometimes a little bit of both in-between. I always have a variety of projects going at once, whether it is a renovation project around the house, crafting projects, creating my own personal planner or building out this website, my hands and brain are always busy with something. I am a planner to the core and love a good schedule.


I have known since 2007 that I wanted to pursue a career in interior architecture and have not looked back since. The creativity and many different design opportunities really pulled me in to my final decision to follow this path. My career has landed where I didn't expect but I have gained valuable knowledge and experience along the way.

I have an interior architecture degree from the University of Oregon. My final project was an interim housing complex for children in foster care with a focus on keeping sibling groups together. Over the years I have worked on projects spanning a variety of markets including workplace, retail, multi-family, and hospitality.

I am self-taught and proficient in a variety of design applications. I am self-motivated, a quick learner, organized, a hard worker, responsible, dedicated, reliable, and enjoy collaboration and mentorship.

my goals




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